Menopause mayhem

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"Hot and bothered: a talk on menopause" is coming soon. A Sydney book club approached Clear Spot and requested a talk on the topic so why not?! I love the idea of ordering talks like a pizza.

Menopause usually hits women between the ages of 49 to 52, which is also a time when some are doing really well at work. This is one issue we'll definitely be exploring.

At this stage, a philosopher, a Chinese herbalist, a medical doctor and a "midlife midwife" are on the panel. More details coming soon! 



Oh man the pain of a broken heart

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While a lot of romantic films are about blossoming love, the 2004 classic Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mindwritten by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Michel Gondry, looks at Clementine and Joel, a couple that has already broken up.

Oh the agony! 

In this Clear Spot Club interview, philosopher Robert Sinnerbrink discusses some of the big themes of heart-break that are explored in the film. 

If you had the chance, would you erase all memory of a relationship and forget it ever happened? Or is there something to be learned from the pain of a lost love?

Sinnerbrink also discusses why broken hearts can be so bloody awful and offers a few tips on how to survive one.


Dickheads at work AUDIO

Dickheads at work Clear Spot final.png

Join organisational theorist Richard Claydon, HR guru Katriina Tahka, philosopher Jean-Philippe Deranty, bullying expert Carlo Caponecchia and Clear Spot President Jackie Dent as they explore why there are dickheads at work, and what to do about them.