Menopause mayhem

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"Hot and bothered: a talk on menopause" is coming soon. A Sydney book club approached Clear Spot and requested a talk on the topic so why not?! I love the idea of ordering talks like a pizza.

Menopause usually hits women between the ages of 49 to 52, which is also a time when some are doing really well at work. This is one issue we'll definitely be exploring.

At this stage, a philosopher, a Chinese herbalist, a medical doctor and a "midlife midwife" are on the panel. More details coming soon! 



Oh man the pain of a broken heart

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While a lot of romantic films are about blossoming love, the 2004 classic Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mindwritten by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Michel Gondry, looks at Clementine and Joel, a couple that has already broken up.

Oh the agony! 

In this Clear Spot Club interview, philosopher Robert Sinnerbrink discusses some of the big themes of heart-break that are explored in the film. 

If you had the chance, would you erase all memory of a relationship and forget it ever happened? Or is there something to be learned from the pain of a lost love?

Sinnerbrink also discusses why broken hearts can be so bloody awful and offers a few tips on how to survive one.


Dickheads at work AUDIO

Dickheads at work Clear Spot final.png

Join organisational theorist Richard Claydon, HR guru Katriina Tahka, philosopher Jean-Philippe Deranty, bullying expert Carlo Caponecchia and Clear Spot President Jackie Dent as they explore why there are dickheads at work, and what to do about them.  

For the love of brown

Abstract artist Marisa Purcell grew up in Brisbane where there were a lot of ugly brown buildings. Because of it, she learned to find beauty in brown, which she describes as "a glowing colour“. Most of her paintings start with the colour as a base. “People are down on brown because it is usually opaque and dense and shit-brown and it doesn’t have any depth to it,” she says. “But If you mix it from the three primary colours or from two complementary colours, it has a vibrancy. It’s really an exciting colour.” This work is 'Embed'. Marisa is speaking about her work and how she comes up with her ideas at Belvoir theatre as part of a fab panel. Book here.