Founded in Sydney in 2016, Clear Spot Club aims to be about the day-to-day.

It’s a public talks program and blog, featuring experts from diverse fields on all sorts of topics.

The club is basically me, Jackie Dent, a journalist, curator, communications expert and wannabe novelist with over 25 years of diverse experience with a range of mainstream organisations.

I’ve reported for the Sydney Morning Herald, SBS, the New York Times and Monocle, among many other media outlets. You can check out my media work here.

I’ve curated talks for the Ethics Centre and Tedx Sydney. I’ve also served as a spokesperson for the United Nations in a number of war-torn countries. I’m currently doing a PHD on “The Pleasures of War”, work as a part-time in-house digital producer for the Department of Environment and Heritage and do lots of McWriting to pay the bills.

In Afghanistan, I helped raise awareness about hunger and malnourishment among the poor, and also covered a range of social and security issues, including shocking rates of maternal mortality, Taliban attacks on food convoys and the difficult situation for war widows.

In Pakistan, I worked on the emergency operation which helped deal with the aftermath of devastating floods. I have also worked for the UN in North Ossetia and South Sudan.

My video work has appeared in group shows and some experimental journalism was also included in Critical Practices Inc's LEF(t) publication in the 2014 Whitney Biennial.

I’ve organised fundraisers for the not-for profit Skateistan, advised consumer advocacy group CHOICE and written about how you don't need to wear white gloves when reading old manuscripts. I’ve has helped track ghost stories in rural Australia and explored family and friendship in the Lebanese community.

Dr George McBain also supports the club. He is a mechanical engineer and former Sesquicentenary Fellow at the University of Sydney and the author of "Theory of Lift", and numerous other academic papers.

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